University of Waikato Strategic Masterplan 2037

The Strategic Masterplan is designed to prepare the University for projected growth, through a framework for adapting existing assets and developing new buildings and landscape interventions.

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Strategic Masterplan


Jasmax worked intensively with the University of Waikato across a period of 6 months to develop a campus-wide Strategic Masterplan. The Strategic Masterplan is designed to prepare the University for projected growth and for trends in market, demographic and technological change in the academic sector while providing a framework for rationalising and/or adapting existing assets and developing new buildings and landscape interventions.

The planning process aligned the vision for the Campus in 2037 with the University of Waikato Strategic Plan and the cultural mission of the University and involved workshops with Facilities Management, Senior Leadership Teams and Students to assess key challenges and opportunities for change.


Part of the process included identifying the quantum of new space required to replace the large number of small, lightweight, buildings no longer fit for purpose, which were widely spread across the Campus, and also to meet growth and utilisation targets.

Jasmax used a unique desktop evaluation system – the Strategic Asset Worth Assessment (SAWA) tool to provide a reliable and easy to understand assessment of legacy buildings to assist in this process.


Design Principles

The completed report included concepts for distinctive character precincts and prescribed 11 campus-wide ‘Design Principles’ identifying the need to consolidate the academic and social campus hearts and create enhanced connectivity between the two.

In particular the Masterplan highlighted a need for a greater range of student accommodation facilities; an array of opportunities to enhance the landscape and outdoor areas; and a need for enhanced collegial, social and hospitality opportunities on site to help make the campus more ‘sticky’.

Key moves also included identification of campus gateways marking arrival destinations; limiting vehicular movement and mass car-parking on campus; establishment of primary, secondary and ‘green’ pedestrian circulation pathways; identification and protection of ecological nodes; identification of a range of ‘slow’ street options for Hillcrest Road; location of a public transport hub; and identification of key buildings for retention and redevelopment.

Future Development

The Strategic Masterplan identified a range of development opportunities to enable the university to meet future space demand, organised into phases to assist the University assess long term development costs for planning and prioritisation purposes.

Currently in design, The Pa project is the flagship project aligned to the Strategic Masterplan. Jasmax is currently working on the developed design of the architecture and the landscape for this ground breaking building featuring a multi-functional hub space that will bring together students, staff, the broader community and visitors.

The Pā will create a welcoming and vibrant core facility for the UoW’s Hillcrest campus, incorporating food outlets, social and formal learning spaces, a shared space for community and leadership, and a new University marae.

The flow-on from the Strategic Masterplan has been a series of projects that over time will assist the University to meet its objectives.