Design Disciplines

Jasmax Design draws together the disciplines of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and urban design into a complete service, ensuring high quality design resolution.

The depth and breadth of professional expertise across our 250+ person practice allows us to provide a comprehensive and integrated service to our clients. Jasmax Design also provides access to specialist services to support low carbon, high quality design outcomes and manage risk.

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Jasmax is providing architecture, interior design, masterplanning and BIM management services for the A1 Building, which will become AUT's lowest carbon and most energy efficient building.


Jasmax Design

Design Excellence

Jasmax Design is underpinned by a benchmark of excellence. We operate a universal and integrated design and delivery excellence programme across all our projects. Design Excellence is managed by Heads of Design Matthew Glubb and Shannon Joe.

Our agile design process includes four key stages – ideate, test, evaluate and refine. This allows us to distil complex design and delivery challenges, generate and test ideas quickly, and move from big picture to detail in an effective, structured manner.

Delivery Excellence

All Jasmax projects are delivered in accordance with our unique Quality Assurance (QA) Framework. The QA Framework is supported by our Knowledge & Innovation (K&I) Team, which is led by Stephen Thurman and responsible for research, technical guidance and a robust review and auditing process.

Jasmax’s quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 by Telarc. This internationally recognised certification demonstrates our commitment to quality, efficient design and delivery processes, and client satisfaction.

Design Disciplines


As outlined in the Jasmax Manifesto, we believe that great architecture and design can awaken the human spirit, transform the experience of daily life, and provide shape and expression to organisations, towns, cities, and cultures.

Since Jasmax’s inception, we have designed hundreds of iconic and forward-thinking award-winning buildings across a range of sectors, scales and typologies, making us one of Aotearoa’s New Zealand’s most established and well-respected practices.

Jasmax approaches architecture holistically and through a regenerative lens, with the aspiration that projects generate outcomes to benefit the communities and environments they are located within.

Interior Design

In today’s world, physical space competes with the virtual experience. Attraction and differentiation are increasingly important in a world where individual choice reigns. Our designs are tailored to our clients and their unique requirements. We design high-performing spaces that deeply reflect organisational culture and identity, while increasing the enjoyment and significance of being together in a shared environment.

A focus on building inspired and connected communities underpins Jasmax’s approach to interior design. Whether it be a workplace fit-out, residential apartment, healthcare facility, retail, or hospitality environment, we gain an understanding of how a space will be used by studying the individual requirements of its users. We look closely as how small details can encourage community building, with the ambition to deliver exceptionally designed, efficient, healthy spaces that create a strong sense of place.

Landscape Architecture

As we increasingly strive to balance the built environment with the forces of natural systems, the role of the landscape architect is increasingly focused on uplifting wellbeing through improving the land, air and water that defines our identity and sustains us. Great landscape architecture also reflects the values, heritage and histories that define our communities, creating a legacy for tomorrow.

Our design processes and outcomes are responsive to the nature of each unique location, integrating natural systems and providing opportunity for balance to be restored. Co-design and collaboration are key to delivering outstanding urban environments that are regenerative, and enhance the biodiversity, wellbeing, and liveability of our urban places.

Urban Design

Urban design defines the experience of a city. It shapes the conditions for life and creates frameworks and processes for successful growth and development. Urban design gives shape to culture and reflects the values, heritage and histories that define who we are, creating a legacy for tomorrow.

We understand the role well-designed urban developments and masterplans play in fostering well-functioning, equitable and healthy environments, and are invested in transforming cities for the benefit of the communities they serve.

With extensive experience designing masterplans, public transport nodes and systems, and neighbourhood regeneration plans, we consider the commercial objectives of our clients, while reflecting the unique culture of the surrounding community, and integrating best-in-class sustainability principles. We are passionate about the art of placemaking and city-shaping to deliver thriving, resilient, future-fit urban environments.

Specialist Services

Design Management

Design management is a service designed to mitigate risk on large and complex projects. It provides a structure for successfully managing the performance of design consultants and enables teams to anticipate critical risk items that can impact programme and budget and to unite around finding solutions to challenges.

Design management includes responsibility for detailed programming and sequencing, providing critical path analysis, assessing consultant service scope, and coordinating and managing team performance. It focuses on implementing a high-performing team environment whilst leveraging the skills and expertise of all design disciplines to make this happen. At Jasmax, the role of Project Director recognises our most senior and experienced architects who have, over the course of their careers, specialised in project delivery and design management.

BIM Modelling, Advisory and Management Services

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an essential tool in the design and delivery process for major projects. Benefits of using BIM modelling effectively include accurate cost estimation, design co-ordination and facility management. The Building Information Model can continue to offer value long after the project is complete, including streamlined maintenance, improved space management, more efficient use of energy and economical retrofits and renovations.

Jasmax provides a BIM Advisory service, led by Digital Delivery Lead Melanie Tristram, that helps clients to determine the best-fit BIM solution at the outset of a project. Throughout the design and delivery phase, our additional BIM Management service ensures all design and engineering disciplines are working under a shared set of protocols to mitigate risk on complex projects. Clash detection between discipline models is an important and integral part of the BIM Management process, critical to avoiding costly re-work on site.

Carbon Consultancy

As recognised leaders in low carbon design, Jasmax is advising government and industry regulators on the most effective ways to reduce construction carbon in Aotearoa New Zealand and can support businesses develop future-fit low carbon assets and long-term masterplans for reduction. With anticipated changes to legislation and commitment from leading organisations and institutions around the country to respond proactively to the climate crisis, we are seeing increasing demand from clients for information on how to reduce carbon in buildings, urban infrastructure and across investment portfolios. Jasmax’s Carbon Consultancy makes sense of the complex challenge of assessing and reducing construction carbon.

Led by Carbon Research Lead Dr Paul Jurasovich, our Carbon Consultancy provides assessments for buildings and the supporting infrastructure, that can be used to report whole-of-life carbon, test and compare the carbon emissions of different design options and support a range of sustainability certification systems including Greenstar, NABERSNZ and others.

Architectural Photography

Jasmax now offers architectural photography for Jasmax Design projects, led by Head of Communications Roberta Johnson. Following project completions, we offer curated, editorial quality image sets to support a wide range of marketing uses, awards entry, and PR.

Above: Delegat Global Headquarters, photographed by Jasmax.