Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an essential tool in the design and delivery process. BIM is about people, information and technology working together effectively and efficiently. 

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BIM Services

BIM Advisory

Construction costs account for approximately 10% of a building's whole of life cost. Our BIM Advisory service engages at the start of a project to establish a BIM solution that offers greater future flexibility and efficiency. The strategy adopted is driven by each project's aspirations. BIM may be required for building maintenance, or as an as-built record for future works.

We set up projects for success by: developing a BIM implementation strategy to achieve project objectives; assisting with the selection of the wider consultant team to align with each project’s BIM requirements; and ensuring procurement contracts reflect the level of detail required.

BIM Management

Our BIM Management service ensures the project team is delivering to what was agreed. With complex projects comes increased risk. Jasmax's BIM Management service mitigates this risk and ensures all design and engineering disciplines are working under a shared set of protocols.

Unlike a traditional BIM service, the Project BIM Manager is the conductor of the entire BIM orchestra, taking a greater coordination and management role through the project's complete lifecycle.

BIM Benefits

Cost Estimation

BIM can assist in the generation of accurate cost estimates. With more accurate information throughout the process, the project team can understand the effect of design decisions on cost during all phases of the project. Benefits include:

- Quickly generate quantities to assist in the decision-making process

- Save estimating time by reducing quantity take-off time

- Allows estimators to focus on more value-adding activities such as identifying construction assemblies, generating pricing and factoring risks

- Easier exploration of different design options and concepts within the owner's budget

The Kahukura project utilised BIM LOD 500 which enabled a cost plan to be developed within three days of the completion of developed design and required only 20 work hours from the Quantity Surveyor.


Clash detection is an important and integral part of the BIM process. Identifying clashes between discipline models in the design phase is critical to avoiding costly re-work on site. Benefits of using BIM for coordination include:

- Reduce and eliminate field conflicts, which reduces RFIs significantly

- More accurate as-built drawings

- Increased efficiency in design and construction

- Reduced construction cost; potentially less cost growth (i.e. less change orders)

The 31,850 sqm Building 405 project for the University of Auckland includes 98 specialist laboratory spaces. With such a large and technical space, BIM has been integral to successful coordination.

Facilities Management

Effective facilities management is about maintaining accurate data. The Building Information Model can continue to offer value long after the project is complete. Facilities Management benefits can include:

- Streamlined maintenance

- Improved space management

- Efficient use of energy

- Economical retrofits and renovations

Through building tuning, AUT's Mana Hauora Building has further reduced energy consumption by 20% within two years of opening. It is now one of Australasia’s most efficient tertiary education buildings, consuming just 65kWh/sqm/year.

Industry Leaders in BIM

BIM Team

First implementing BIM (Building Information Modelling) in 2005, Jasmax has developed a dedicated, highly knowledgeable and specialist BIM team. Over the past 14 years, we have developed market-leading expertise in BIM for design, documentation, coordination, construction, and facilities and asset management. Our BIM teams work to local and international industry guidelines, standards and protocols for the delivery of BIM enabled projects.