Thank You Donald Trump

    Thank you Donald Trump!

    ...And thank you for electing to read this article despite the title!

    With the news of Donald Trump banning the transgender community from serving in the US Military breaking this morning, it got me thinking about how important it is for companies that are genuinely equal opportunity employers to speak up and say so.

    I work at Jasmax, and we are an equal opportunity employer. We employ and reward based on skill, experience and performance. And we have a strong set of values: we have empathy, we have open minds, we trust our people and we are future focussed.

    I also heard on the news last night that New Zealand has the highest youth suicide rate in the developed world – I don’t know the ins-and-outs of this statistic, but I’m willing to take an educated guess that there will be LGBTI individuals among this number. A quick Google search returns a 2012 report from the National Centre of Mental Health Research, Information and Workforce Development, who concluded that “LGBTI individuals experience higher levels of mental health distress than their heterosexual counterparts.”

    Are sweeping generalisations by the ‘leader of the free world’ going to help those struggling to be open about who they are?

    I feel proud to work at Jasmax – the open arms, open culture and strong values that this organisation aspires to. I’ve worked all over the world in many different companies as a HR professional, I have never seen anything quite like it. The four Jasmax values really represent who we are when we're at our best. The best version of ourselves. Are we perfect? Do we always get it right? Are our values applied 100% consistently by each of us 100% of the time? No, of course not, we're human; but we have a consistent aspiration and shared belief that we hold ourselves to. We believe in social good but, beyond this, we believe people are people. Beautiful, creative, unique, amazing people! I think our values not only lift the quality of our design but raise the human experience and make this a very special place to work.

    If you’re in the market for working in an inclusive, creative and inspirational environment – come and join us. Or at least take a second to spread the word that there are employers proud to be open minded, tolerant and welcoming of all.

    So, thank you Donald Trump, you’ve inspired at least one person to do something good today.

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