Haley Hooper

Graduate Urban Designer

Urban Design, Auckland

Haley's role as a Graduate Urban Designer at Jasmax allows her to focus on her passion for social and civic outcomes for Auckland and Aotearoa. She enjoys the discipline of Urban Design due to its diversity and ability to affect change in the city.

She is motivated by considered, culturally responsive patterns of change and urban development, and the debate of the critical issues such as housing, public transport, town-centre regeneration, affordability, cultural acknowledgement and identity.

Haley has worked on various projects since her arrival at Jasmax, including housing proposals, town-centre regeneration, development capacity studies, landscape renewal, design guides, cultural engagements, project submissions and most recently the on the City Rail Project.

Haley is also part of a working roopu (group) that is collaborating with the NZIA to ensure a partnership and acknowledgement between the Institute and Maori culture in design. She also contributes to Nga Aho (Network for Maori Design professionals) and has been a facilitator on behalf of Nga Aho for The Auckland Council Arts + Culture Strategic Action plan.

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